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Just a heads up for Coton fields folk, a walk in burglary on Thurs, and my car broke into last night, right next to the house robbery, they got £1 .50 worth of stuff from me.
Looks like there's a moron checking the estate out.


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Sorry to hear that, We've been super cautious since we had a sneak-in a couple of years ago. It doesn't help there's a lot of places to run and hide in.


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Please find a neighbourhood watch copy and paste of information about a burglary in garden street last night!

Burglary in Garden Street.

Dear Watch Member,

There has been a burglary at a property in Garden Street.

It happened sometime overnight Wednesday 1st/Thursday 2nd August when offenders entered the property via an insecure back door before stealing an xbox and some games.

Please warn your neighbours to be on their guard and to make sure their windows and doors are as secure as possible at all times.

Anyone with any information regarding this burglary is asked to contact the police quoting incident number 180 of 2nd August.


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There is no excuse for thieving from another member of society, especially one you don't know. If you are starving, or have no shelter, there are places that can help without you resorting to ******* up someone else's day. Hell, if there is something you need that desperately then steal it from a shop, at least thats impersonal. I've known people never quite be the same after a burglar has invaded what they thought was their own safe place in the world, an old mate of mine couldn't get to sleep unless he had a knife beside him for years after waking up to a burglar in his room (who stabbed him in the leg with a screwdriver before legging it).

I'll never shed a tear for a dead thief, it is something to be celebrated not mourned. If it means one less person losing their personal posessions to a dolescum tosser who can't be arsed to earn them himself then I can only smile. If that makes me sound like shoes then so be it!


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Please find copy and paste of a neighbourhood watch email I've just found in my inbox:

Suspicious vehicle to be aware of.

Dear Watch Member,

There has been a report from the West Midlands area of two males taking money from an elderly couple for work at their home that was never carried out.

The males were driving a red Combo van with a part reg: KU59 LF.

Offenders committing this type of offence have been known to travel to different areas so could you please report any sightings of this vehicle to the police immediately.

Could you also please remind your neighbours, especially the elderly and vulnerable, that police and Trading Standards advice is never to buy or sell at the door.

John Marwood

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Cowboys selling rotten inflammable sofas door door with a business card similar to a known brand

The same kind of cowboy who may have tarmac'd ya drive with bright green nuggets in , in the sixties


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I've had a few emails recently about burglaries in Stafford the latest being the following
Neighbourhood watch said:
Dear Watch Member,

On Friday 22nd November there has been one house burglary in Alliance Street where the offender gained entry via a rear door that was possibly insecure and stole cash and small electrical items. The resident may have disturbed the offender by returning home at around 8pm, although nothing was seen.

Overnight between 21st and 22nd, there has been one theft from an insecure car in Marston Road where the stereo was stolen, and overnight 23rd -24th there has been one attempt theft from a car in West Way where the window was smashed.

Two bicycles have also been stolen from outside addresses in Peach Avenue and Slessor road.

Please warn your neighbours to be on their guard and to report anything suspicious to the police immediately.

And this about distraction burglaries, could happen to anyone please warn your neighbours, friends and family.

Police said:

Police are putting out a timely reminder to elderly residents following a series of distraction burglaries in Stafford.

Between 6.30pm-7.30pm on Sunday 24 November, most of the Pennycroft bungalows in Corporation Street, Stafford, were targeted by two women. They used the ruse that they wanted a pen and paper to leave a message for their relative next door.

The woman have been described as both wearing thick dark coats and aged in their 20’s. One is white and 5’-5’4” tall, the other is olive skinned and 5’6”-5’9” tall. Both had their heads covered – one with a scarf and the other wore a woolly hat.

DC Paul Whitehouse said: “Luckily most of the residents were wary about these women and denied them access to their homes. A couple of residents did let them in but asked them to leave when they became suspicious of their intentions. One resident had a very small amount of cash stolen.

“We would like to remind other people about the dangers of people calling unexpectedly at their homes.

“Unfortunately, people using distraction type methods tend to target the elderly and vulnerable people in our communities. They make up a story to gain access into a property, one will keep the resident talking while the other sneaks in to search for money and valuables.”

“There are a number of things people can do to protect themselves and their homes and we would urge people to remind their elderly relatives to be aware of this type of crime.”

Some handy tips include not keeping large amounts of cash at home, use a door chain and don’t let anyone in that turn up at your door unexpectedly. And, if anyone is in doubt who is at the door, don’t let them in.

If anyone has any information about the incidents on Sunday, they are asked to contact DC Paul Whitehouse on 101, quoting reference 607 of 24 November. Alternatively they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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I like to think the hand axe idly lying in the hallway would deter most attempting the distraction technique, as it is much nearer to me than them.


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There's been a lot of attempted/ break in's around Stone Road/North End & Coton Fields area recently & attempted distraction burglarys in Pennycroft Flats.


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Yeah, had a few emails from OWL about them. Time to check your locks, especially window ones often forgotten about as you are unlikely to need to open most again this year!


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We keep every window in the house locked and the keys hidden away (never understood the theory behind locking the window and then putting the key on the window sill) as our insurance stipulates this as a requirement of cover (when in bed or out of the house, we are allowed to open the windows when we're in!).


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Just saw on facebook that an ex of mine has been burgled, think she lives near the common. Stole an ancient laptop that had loads of photos on, an ipod and her jewelry box. If anyone gets offered anything similar feel free to give them a kicking before calling the cops.


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Found this In my inbox today

neighbourhood watch said:
Sneak-in house burglaries in Queensville Avenue

Dear Watch Member,

This is a warning to residents.

Between 6.45pm and 7.15pm on Sunday 19th January, there have been two house burglaries in Queensville Avenue, Stafford, where the offender sneaked in through an unlocked rear door and stole property including an Ipad, keys and mobile phone from the kitchen area. There were no witnesses.

Please warn your neighbours to be on their guard and to keep their doors and windows secure and locked at all times. Please be wary of strangers, especially anyone approaching the rear of an address and report anything suspicious to the police immediately.


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Neighbourhood Watch said:
Dear Watch Member,

Please could you be aware that we have had a number of reports of 2 poss 3 males knocking on addresses and trying to get residents to leave their properties saying things like " there has been an explosion next door". One of the males is described as white, aged approx 50 yrs old wearing a trilby type hat and a mac type coat. ANother male is described as white aged approx 18 yrs old. If anyone similar comes to your address please call 999 immediately, DO NOT let them into your home and do not leave your home. Close and lock the door and ring 999.


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Burglary on Woodlands Road over the weekend.

Dear Watch Member,

There has been a burglary over the weekend at a property in Woodlands Road whilst the occupants were away on a short break.

They arrived home on Monday 6th March to discover offenders had smashed a window at the rear of the property before turning a key in the back door to gain entry.

An untidy search was made of all rooms and numerous items of property were stolen including a mini motorbike.

Anyone with any information regarding this burglary is asked to contact the police quoting incident number 144 of 6th March.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address: