Stafford Rangers - New Start and The Way Forward


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Bought Stafford Rangers shares today! £1 each but to make it worth while, the admin, etc you have to buy a minimum of 50! I bought a few more than that! :football:
I belief it is a great way to support the club, and they have been released to generate cash in these terrible times, when there is no gates income and the social club is shut, and it is a fantastic generator of income for the club. Dark days, and lots of fans have bought shares, and the club will be well on the way to being fan owned! :?: Should an investor decide they want to buy the club; if the majority of other share holders agree to the sale, I might get my money back! I won't be holding my breath! ;) But it is great to be helping the club I have supported for 50 years, attending the AGM, and having a say in the future of the club! :slayer:

I’m purchasing mine tomorrow. Utb

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Club initiative. This could help any local groups, clubs or organisations like Residents associations, social clubs or teams. Or you could joist sign up, yourself.

As times get harder and we look to ways to generate funds, if you are a club, association or organisation, why not consider joining The Boost The Boro Lottery.
Earning 50% commission, for your cause, you also have the chance of winning £500, £100 or £50 each month.

**Example - getting just 6 people on board at £5 per month for each member, you would get £180 per year back just for setting this up and sitting back!

As an individual agent you can sign your own members up and gain 30% commission.
Check the link for details!

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There are some amazing people out there, both in our town and much further afield. We set a target of £50k, to include £25k from donations etc and £25k from a government grant, to keep the club alive. The target has been surpassed with fans donations, virtual match tickets etc and the main income from share purchases to support the club.
With a grant to come in that should rise to around £75k but the fight has to go on. Turning the club into a debt free, community based successful business has to remain the aim and there are many ways the club and community can interact.
The cub being open for blood banks and some NHS training is a bonus to support the community and looking forward, there are companies and NHS groups that want to use the facilities to celebrate coming out of this whole episode. The Friendship Scheme stays in place (aka the lottery) where local organisations (residents associations/sports clubs/PTA's etc) can gain 50% commission from joining up with the chance to win a cash prize each month. Coming out of this, I am sure some groups will want to team up. Why not? Local businesses may want to get involved through partnerships and sponsorship to regenerate interest through other ideas that we announce in future.
Anyway - latest release!

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The next chapter continues today (Friday 22nd) as the new management team are revealed!
A distraction form the current challenges and some eagerly awaited news.
Escaped relegation
Started to attract investment and a more positive feeling
New Director Of Football appointed
New management team

New dawn?


(and me! - Ed)
Thank god he isn't the 'BIG NAME' that someone I work with was saying he hoped we'd get! he obviously doesn't remember the Steve Bull farrago! :( He's much more akin to the young enthusiastic, experienced at Rangers Level,I advocated! And as a North West man, much closer to the sort of players we are going to need to bring in, whenever that may be, and at the moment who knows when that will be! I am very pleased with this appointment, but the proof of the pudding will be ..., of course! Best of luck Jody,, and a good choice imho for your deputy. He often loked like the captain when on the pitch last season.

:slayer:Up the Boro' ! :football::bravo:

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New season ticket launch.
Early bird prices are a bargain and there's a raft of Ts & Cs including how we cover NHS applications. One ticket per applicant, to be used by applicant and non transferable.

Prices! ... s-2020-21/

Early Bird Season Tickets are now available to buy

Once submitted you will be taken to our payment option page.

** A reminder that qualifying NHS Staff are eligible for a free ground season ticket. NHS email/ID required - tickets non transferable and to only be used by applicant.

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More positive news coming out of the club with a new kit from a new company, with the chance for fans to vote on 3 really good designs

Breaking! Our new kit supplier is Harlequin Teamwear
Vote now for this season’s home shirt:

Let us know your favourite!

*Vote closes Friday 5pm
new kit.jpg

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We lost an important member of our clan, this week. Sadly, Phil Bennett lost his battle with cancer on Monday.
I'm posting that, firstly out of respect but also because many on here may know Phil from visits to games, involvement with the club, or common interests as he was also a regular in the local darts league and a train and travel enthusiast.


(and me! - Ed)
MASSIVE presence at the club in all the time I have been a regular attender at Marston Road. Always guaranteed to proffer an opinion at the quality of the match officials performance, wielding a whistle himself! Founding member of STRiPES, (Rangers supporters club, responsible for raising thousands for the club; latterly very active maintaining the pitch, despite being unwell. He will be sadly missed. RIP Mr Bennett!
For all you did , memories of your support for the club will be a lasting memorial. :bravo:
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My son has bought a season ticket for the Rangers next season on the basis that access to Old Trafford will be restricted and he won’t get to many United games.

He collected his prized purchase yesterday and they gave him this with his ticket.


Strange looking codpiece isn’t it? :)