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I got past just after it had happened, there was an ambulance on scene. As I was coming into town 2 fire engines came out though.


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An abnormal load movement is due to take place on Saturday 19 November 2022 travelling northbound on the A34 Stone Road, Stafford through the extents of the highway works.

To facilitate the abnormal load, it will be necessary to temporarily close the A34 in both directions between Yarlet Lane and Redhill roundabout for a period of approximately 1 hour between 08:30 and 11:00 on 19 November whilst the cones and cylinders through the section of roadworks are removed and replaced. For safety reasons, it will not be possible to permit traffic, (except emergency blue light vehicles) to travel between the closure points until the cones and cylinders have been reinstated once the abnormal load has passed through, which we expect will be approximately 1 hour after the road closure is implemented.

The abnormal load, travelling from GE in Stafford to Ellesmere Port, measures approx. 66m long x 5.4m wide and weighs 345t. The load will be escorted by Staffordshire Police who will work alongside our contractor’s traffic management team to manage the load through the works area as swiftly as possible, however we are expecting a significant amount of disruption as a result of this movement.

Electronic variable message signs (VMS) are installed at strategic locations on the A34 to provide advance notification of the closure and to advise road users to use alternative routes where possible. Unfortunately, due to the size of the abnormal load there are a number of factors outside of our control which will affect the exact timing of the closure, and therefore we’re unable to state the exact time of the closure. For this reason the VMS signs will initially show the closure between 08:30 and 11:00 but this will be updated on the morning of the movement to provide more accurate timings based on the progress of the abnormal load movement.

The load will continue northbound on the A34 under police escort towards the Staffordshire/Cheshire boundary.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Further abnormal load movements are due to take on Saturday 3 December, Tuesday 13 December and Monday 19 December 2022. Further information to confirm estimated times will be provided here shortly.

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Abnormal loads travelling northbound from Stafford will lead to 3 full closures of the A34 on three days in December – including two weekdays.​

The closure on both carriageways of the A34 will take place for a one-and-a-half-hour period between 8am and 11am on Sat December 3rd from the Redhill roundabout to Yarlet Lane, where the current ongoing roadworks are. People planning on travelling at this time should allow additional time to take the diversion route.

For safety reasons, no vehicles will be allowed on the route during the closure period while the load passes through. It will be escorted by police, and the closure will be lifted as soon as possible.

Further temporary closures on the same stretch of road will need to take place on Tuesday, December 13th and Monday, December 19th, both between 9.30am and 1pm.

Electronic variable message signs will be in place to warn motorists of the closures and advise using other routes. These will be updated on the morning of each closure with more precise closure times as the load progresses.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport David Williams said:

“With these abnormal load movements along the A34 there is limited flexibility.

“While the closures will only be in place for around one-and-a-half hours, we do need the three-hour slot to accommodate the transportation along this section of road. Signs will be updated with more precise times on the morning of each closure.

“We’d like to thank people for their patience and understanding during this period.”