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since quite a few people have mentioned balls being chopped off it worth mention at Island Vet we paid our first year up front and if you do this you get spaying/neturing and microchipping included and if u pay by direct debt i think it 25% or 50% of the cost of spaying/neturing


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I have been taking my pets to Donnachie and Townley for many, many years and cannot recommend them enough. They are always great with our animals with Simon Townley being especially good. They also have a place in Rugeley where they do most of their surgical work but you can take your pets to Stafford and they will transport them over.

I used to use The Island until Mundell "retired". We then found Donnachie and Townley and even though Mundell "unretired" I chose to stay with D&T because I felt they were far better vets.


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Park house vets are great ben is lovely and couldnt praise him enough (they see exotic animals also) i had a few bad experiences with the island vets which were very upsetting so i wont go into it


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I tried to book my beardie into the vets on Park Street about 4 years ago. Asked if they did exotics and was told yes, said it was a bearded dragon and got as a reply "Yeah, thats like a gecko isn't it". I can only assume they've improved!


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I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else than Vets for Pets on the Newport Road. They are like an extended family and always at the end of the phone if there is a problem. My son had a rescue dog who did have a few problems. With there help and advice that old lady lived to the grand old age of 21. They are also not of the "kerching" society and have often seen my little dog for no fee. If you have never been then give them a go, they are great

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... just don't try and use the map on their webpage to actually find them!


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I used the one opposite the police station and i thought it was very good but it was few years ago now.


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We had taken our cats to the island vets for over twenty years, our last cat died a few months ago and we sent them a thank you card for all the care they had given our cats and the good advice they had given us.

My daughter says she doesn't want another cat for a few years, so that will save us some money. Next time we do have a cat i'm going to get one of the payment plans, we spent thousands on our three cats over the years.

I don't really want one again but my son and daughter say they have grown up with a cat and they miss having one around.


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For our older dog Pegpeg we took her to island vets and the people were good, the only thing I didn't like was the cramped space whilst in there. They were very good and prompt when we had to make the end decision and were very accommodating.

Our other dog is at Vets 4 Pets. Generally they are fine I just don't like it when they talk about treatments without any mention of costs (and I mean when antibiotics come to £40+)...

Personally I'm always hopeful the Rogers, Brock & Barker will expand out of Stoke and open up here.
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I used the one opposite the police station and i thought it was very good but it was few years ago now.
Donnachie & Townley ? We used them for 16/17 years and they were very good with our dog, especially with all the problems she had when we had just rescued her from kennels. They kept the costs really reasonable. (Moved further down Eastgate street now, on the corner near Eastgate Brew place /Stafford Computing). Donnachie & Townley also have a surgery in Rugeley which we used more in the end as they did the bigger operations there at the time and they had their own car park outside.


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There is reasoning for us going to island is they will issue a prescription for 3 months, we have a couple of sickly dogs and medication costs are huge so we are changing based purely on financial decisions, our current vet is excellent but unfortunately no wiggle room on the price of medication.


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Hmm, so we spoke to our vet, Parkhouse, regarding prescriptions and cost of drugs. We asked if there was anyway we could have a three month prescription, or any movement on the cost of drugs as our dog has three different kinds for his illness that surfaced prior to his insurance kicking in. Vet said no. No movement. OK. We said with heavy heart we will have to move our three to a different vets that will give us a 3 month prescription and therefore we will be able to get our dogs medication online. Our three animals all live with us, but we also pay for our daughters elderly dogs treatment, so we stressed he will remain at Parkhouse. Last night he called us personally to tell us it was for the best that my daughters dog also went to the other vets, we stressed that this dog didn't live with us. He would not move.
Bit disappointed to be honest as we were forced to move for financial reasons and not through quality of care but feel it's very petty indeed to effectively kick our daughters dog off his books too.