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It's all over the town - the scent seems more like this..



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I think you are correct. Muck spreading this time of the year. Certainly a strong odour. I've added some info on it not being a legal nuisance

" Although spreading is recognised as standard agricultural practice, and odour must be expected from time to time, spreading should always be undertaken in accordance with the best practice guidance given in the DEFRA Code of Good Agricultural Practice, subsection 5.4. Best practice advice from DEFRA includes the following:

If possible, to reduce odour and ammonia loss:
  • use a band spreader or injector to apply slurry.
  • otherwise, use broadcast equipment with a low trajectory and large droplets. Broadcast slurry (by splash plate) should be incorporated immediately, and at the latest within 6 hours.
  • if solid manure, it should be incorporated as soon as possible and at the latest within 24 hours.
Livestock manures should not be applied when:
  • the soil is waterlogged; or
  • the soil is frozen hard; or the field is snow covered; or
  • heavy rain is forecast within the next 48 hours.
The Code also advises that the best conditions for spreading are where air mixes to a great height above the ground, which are typically sunny, windy days, followed by cloudy, windy nights. These conditions cause odours to be diluted quickly.

Farmers are also advised to avoid spreading at weekends, bank holidays, in the evening or in fields close to and upwind of houses, unless it is solid manure that has been well composted, or slurry that is to be band spread, injected or has been treated to reduce odour.

Livestock manures and dirty water should not be spread:
  • within 10 metres of any ditch, pond or surface water; or
  • within 50 metres of any spring, well, borehole or reservoir that supplies water for human consumption or for farm dairies; or
  • on very steep slopes where run-off is a high risk throughout the year
by spreading agricultural materials in a manner which does not follow the Code of Good Agricultural Practice, an officer will contact the person(s) responsible for the spreading and enforcement action can be considered where the issue cannot be resolved informally"


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Noticed it down the Tixall Road, when I walked past Scaffoldshire Place and now it's finding it's way through the corridors of our building in the town centre

Farmer must have the quality stuff this year!! Either that or the drains are knackered again...

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I actually heaved when I got out of the car on the back car park on St Leonards site and as the day has gone on it's become stronger inside the works! By the afternoon the only place to get fresh air was an air conned meeting room!


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Due to the easterly wind we have had recently it may well be Brancote. I suspect the local curry houses did a roaring trade over the weekend.


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Further to my suspicions reported elsewhere, i have been told that there has been a large amount of slurry dumped in the fields next to the castle as part of the golf course works.

Apparently the company involved do not have the necessary permission to dispose of waste of this nature, so please feel free to kick up a Stink! about this to your local councillor/Environmental Agency/ MP etc etc.

I am informed that it has mostly been dumped as far away from sight as possible here -,-2.151207&spn=0.000947,0.002642&hnear=Stafford, United Kingdom&gl=uk&t=h&z=19
- and the pond that that little woodland surrounds has been badly polluted by it.