Stoopid Pictures: The Pictures Strike Back.


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Just how stupid are people. I'm 52, no young chicken...why the heckin are people behaving like this.....whatever the reason....JEASUS/GREAT SPAHEGHETTI SQUID stupid........

We are all, just another brick in the wall.
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Just little old me:)

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Sounds to me like the lunatics are on the grass😂. I mean how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat? If you don't eat your meat how can you have any pudding.
This article really doesn't 'speak to me' and makes me have a sharp intake of 'Breath' like I've been 'on the run'. Is it not 'time' before we have 'the great gig in the sky' to share the 'money' between 'us and them' and let pink Floyd use many colours in fact 'any colour you like' to help those that show hate in a fashion that resembles'brain damage' on a scale larger than a solar 'eclipse'. Although I think I may be banging my head on the wall 🧱 👍


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Wonder if @Mudgie has ever been to Southsea?
Yes, a few times, firstly with a twenty-first birthday party in 1976 when it was mostly ex Brickwoods pubs and some Gales.
Nearly six years ago I posted a hop plant to Southsea's Golden Eagle for growing in their beer garden but I've not been since to see how it's doing.