The Bod, Bodmin Avenue, Baswich.


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Apologies if there is already a thread covering this, I did search and couldn't find it.

It looks like Titanic Breweries who run The Sun are looking at opening a micro-pub type premises in the old co-op on Bodmin Avenue. A friend who lives nearby mentioned it to me and said it might be called 'The Moon' in a nod to the pub in town.

Plans here;


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Doesn't look like the local councillors are keen on the idea.

A pub, on Weeping Cross, near Baswich!

That just won't do!!


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Or have the same old same old do-gooders of Baswich/Weeping X put an end to this travesty.

A chip shop and a pub! That will never do...
Isn't there a 'Domino's' & a Chinese too? Baswich is becoming the new center of Stafford...


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Can't answer about the plannin permission, other than to say comments left on the planning website were overwhelmingly positive.


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I hope it gets approved and it opens. Be good to have a pub nearby that isn't just a food canteen.


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Are the micro pub plans still on track?
Noticed today that the old co-op unit has a ' To Let' sign above it ????