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Hello, beloved Forumites, tis I, your omnipotent yet aloof Administrator.

Like most normal human beings, I hate change. Change is scary. Change is unpredictable. I like a familiar chair, a nice cup of tea in the same mug I always use, and a familiar face on the telly. Change is for hippies, and young people!

However, with many things, change is inevitable. Perhaps the most stark example of this is technology. The rate of change of human technological development is increasing with every day that passes, and things that we take for granted every day now would have been regarded as magic just a few decades ago. With that change comes disruption, as old is replaced with new, and technology that doesn't keep up falls by the wayside.

Stafford Forum is in danger of falling victim to that immoveable march of progress. It has not been upgraded or seen any significant changes in nearly 10 years. That is several lifetimes in computer years. Frankly, it is a miracle that it still works (parts of it don't, but like the polite and gracious guests that you are no-one likes to mention it and they just quietly move on when something falls over). If Stafford Forum were a horse, we would be taking it round the back of the stables with a shotgun, and phoning Tesco to see if they need any meat for ready meals.

But put that shotgun away. Get Tesco on the phone and tell them to stand down that grinder, for they will have no Forum meat today!

Gentlefolk, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic website. Stafford Forum will be that website. Better than it was before. Better... stronger... faster!


Gird thine loins, people. Over the next 2 weeks you may notice things behaving strangely. The Forum will still continue to work as it currently does, nothing is at risk, but you may notice some of the widgets (down the right-hand side, for example) disappearing, or showing erroneous data. Not much will happen outwardly for the first week, but I just wanted to let you all know as soon as possible, in case anything does get a bit funky.

I want to say a genuine, heartfelt thank you to everyone. The people who still come here and post everyday are the only thing keeping The Forum alive at this point. It is akin to your local pub; it is crying out for a renovation that never comes, the owner has become a bit cantakerous, the beer tastes funny, and half the taps don't work - but still you come. You like the people here, and a bit of a pissy smell and a racist in the corner isn't going to put you off. Still you come. And I am genuinely thankful for that.

Stafford Forum was established in 2006. A lot has changed in the world since then, and a lot has changed in all of our lives, mine included, but here we all are. And it is my intention to make visiting Stafford Forum a more enjoyable experience. No clunky interfaces, no slow load times, no errors when you try and search for something.

We are not talking dramatic, trailblazing change - just a simple, easy to use, comfortable Forum experience. That you can enjoy from your favourite chair, with a cup of tea in the same mug you always use.


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I would be more than happy to donate some money towards upkeep costs!

This Forum is a massive part of my life and I don't know where I'd be without it!

For the last 10 years I have been here every day, made new friends, received amazing advice, made life changing announcements, and laughed aloud more times that I can count!

Thank you!!!


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Oh come on, he's not that old .... at least I thought so until I saw that ladder. Shit the only way you could fall off that is if you had a jetpack with about 2 seconds of fuel in it.

(Also runs for bunker .... AAAARGH, ... I chose the cardboard one. (Makes note: put signs up.))