Spouting nonsense since the day I learned to talk
I've tweeted 60,700 times.
Just looked at my tweet count for the first time in ages.


So that's over 8,000 tweets in just over 19 weeks. Over 400 a week. Yes I did use a calculator.

I think I may spend a bit of time tweeting.



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I like the "cannabis" tweet. Very clever.
There are quite a few good ones..

Anyone lost a huge amount of cannabis in the Chelmsley Wood area? Don’t panic, we found it. Please come to the police station to collect it.

Caught a shoplifter stealing from Thorntons, won’t tell you where he hid the chocs- but them Soft Caramels aren’t going back on the shelves.

To think like thief, first must become thief – we know where the duty Inspector hides his biscuits....*evil laugh*

Sing like no one is listening, Dance like no one is watching, Tweet - only what you're happy to have read out in court!



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More from Solihull Police..

A 36yr old man stole a pair of 5” high heeled boots from a Solihull store – we spotted him very quickly, arrested for Shoplifting.

Arrested a woman for stealing 4 bottles of shampoo from Boots – the well nourished, luxuriant, vibrant hair gave it away.



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A, now deleted, Tweet that somebody managed to crowbar onto the Labour Press account.


Some people took advantage...


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I can thoroughly recommend Twitter even if you don't want to tweet. If you're on your laptop (or whatever) anyway, worth logging onto it to follow any event (like a cricket test match, say).

Through a slight oversight in the holiday booking arrangements, I was forced to follow the General Election results coming in, from our apartment in Santorini. Following it on Twitter was really good. I was already following many of the political commentators, but I'm sure if I didn't know who to follow, then the #GE2015 hashtag would have sufficed. As it was, I was treated to a nice mix of news, commentary and humour, all in chunks of 140 characters. Most memorable, apart from the discussion about Ashdown eating his hat, was "Has @rustyrockets (Russell Brand) conceded yet?".


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I don't understand Twitter so i don't do it - i want to start a blog but not sure how or why i should do one
As a taster, here's the Stafford hashtag (#stafford) on Twitter - .

And if you've something to say that you think others might be interested in, then a blog's not a bad idea. They're free, easy enough to set up, and you can devote as much or as little time as you like to them.


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I don't understand Twitter so i don't do it - i want to start a blog but not sure how or why i should do one

Starting your own blog is very easy nowadays, no technical know-how required: if you can manage this forum then you can manage your own blog! There are free platforms like and Tumblr that will allow you to create your own blog with just a few clicks of your mouse :)


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I keep trying to tweet but end up feeling like a twerp
Just tweet some inanity about what you had for breakfast (including the obligatory picture, of course) or slag off some celeb for walking on a crack in the pavement, preferably stating you hope they get raped and beheaded and you'll fit right in.

Writes a twitter fan...