What are we watching on TV?


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Still going through alllllll of Star Trek, on Deep Space 9 and the last few seasons of TNG now.

Besides that, on rotation I'm watching The Last of Us, 1923 (not as good as 1883), Hello Tomorrow! (feels very pre-apocalypse-Fallout), The Leftovers and I finally started The Wire.


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It's alright, one of those shows that I think is made or broken by the performances and luckily it has some great actors involved. I'm only 3 eps in and not totally sold but invested enough to keep watching.


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Just back from 'Cocaine Bear' which I found to be so aggressively dumb and unfunny that I put my headphones on after 40 minutes and listened to an audiobook in the cinema. Utter shiiiiite!


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Nick Knowles at the Grand Canyon, it was quite interesting until…..Nick meets some Native American ladies and thinks it’s a good idea to acknowledge the atrocities committed by the British to their ancestors, follow it up with a joke, hand them a teapot and a football and follow it up with another joke about their kids falling to their deaths🙈


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Just started watching the Tulsa King with Sly Stallone.....Mainly because I'm heading there next week for work to see what the place is like.

So far, I'm not sure if its supposed to be serious, or a comedy caper?


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Just started Django on Now TV. Good stuff so far.

Also got a bit frustrated being stuck in the 80s/90s for so long with my Star Trek watch-through so decided to add 'Lower Decks' to my current roster of shows as I figured that was least likely to spoil anything I've not seen yet. It's really good! Made me laugh out loud several times which doesn't happen with many animated shows these days.


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Last week's Endeavour.

It's a little known fact that the location shots for Endeavour and Morse were shot in Coventry.


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Last episode of 'our flag means death'.....for god's sake man, get yourself back to Blackbeard!



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Have watched 3 series since Tuesday evening @22.00hrs. I have a numb bum and bit of a sore back through all the sitting down. But have really enjoyed it.