What are you listening to right now?


Mad Cat Woman
Having a ''Feeling sorry for myself'' day. Just finished 2 weeks of really heavy nights. I am so tired I think I could go to sleep in the middle of the M6 and not be woken.



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Trawling through YouTube I found these superb tracks, some remixes, some originals.

This I absolutely love, Sure is Pure do some really sympathetic remixes and still keep the soul of the record too.

This, because the 90's produced some the of THE BEST music, Sunscreem being one of the lesser known bands from the era.


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I've really gotten into 'Enter Shikari' lately. Their earlier sound always put me off but a few tracks I've heard on the radio recently have wormed their way into my brain so I dived into their back catalogue and love much of what I've heard.

Anyone else here like them?