What's for dinner/tea?


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Overwhelmed with a feeling of CBA tonight so will pop up to Weeping Cross in a bit for either Chips or Chinese, whichever way the vote goes.


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Blow out Friday.

Full English, which tonight consisted of...

Lincolnshire sausage
Smoked back bacon
Scrambled eggs
Hash browns
Baked beans
Plumb tomatoes
White bread & butter
Brown sauce, salt & vinegar.

Washed down with lashings of G & T.

For once, I cooked a perfect meal, I even managed to snaffle an extra thick piece of bacon, chefs privilege (the others had 3 bacon rashers, I had 2) only my extra thick piece turned out to be 3 pieces stuck together! (there were only supposed to be 8 rashers in the pack)... Nom Nom Nom.


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Homemade Dolphin-nose potatoes, red cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, and the strangest combination of a *Hunters chicken style Kiev that you've ever come across.....

If you should find this in a supermarket near you, DO NOT BUY IT, it's horribly sweet, but also with very little taste!


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Roast dinner - just because!

Also I've been given a gigantic white cabbage - suggestions needed on what on earth I can do with it!!

I love Kimchi!

Also handy if you get snowed in this winter....



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Spicy sausage pasta, 2 x jars of chunky veg pasta sauce, garlic bread.

Tea for 3 for less than a fiver.