What's for dinner/tea?


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Napalese curry.

The paste smelled delicious, but I wouldn't make it with water & yoghurt again (as per the recipe) I think I'll use coconut milk so there's less chance of separation.

Not as much heat as I thought there may be. And smells nothing like the Napalese cooking in the market 😕


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Cock tonight with friends from Stone.
I think they said last Saturday that there is a new menu starting tonight so looking forward to seeing what's on offer.
New menu good, lost the pork chops, jerk chicken and chicken skewers. Gained lamb shank, boned pheasant with wild boar stuffing and another pork dish which escapes me at the moment.
I had the pheasant which was locally sourced and delicious, Mrs T went for steak and our friends had the pheasant and lamb shank. All good with a couple of bottles of rioja.


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I've been given a bag of beetroot and quickly running out of ideas what to do with it! As an effort to get inventive I made this:

Very tasty but not exactly cold winter weather food!


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Aye that's proper Scran ... None of yer southern Jessie Beluga caviar and Marmite on a cream cracker hoity toity rubbish. :P