What's for dinner/tea?


Mad Cat Woman
Yesterday we had braised steak and roast potatoes, with a few roasted carrots for me. I bunged it all in a casserole dish, smothered it with thick gravy and shoved in on a low heat to slowly reach perfection, took about 4 hours. It was, if I do say so myself, gorgeous. It just fell apart.
Tonight, we're having exactly the same meal. Youngest eats the lot, even the manky trim of fat on the edge 🤢
I start a month of nights from tomorrow, so we won't get many chances of having a meal together, he's on nights too.
Had this again tonight, with the same tomorrow. It was by request, and if he's going to eat everything, who am I to say no? It was bloody lovely.


Forum O. G.
I've had a fry-up tonight - pork and apple sausages, lovely rashers and a fried egg - I had the same last night and the final batch will be used up tomorrow.

This is because I've had the components maturing in the fridge for quite a while, without using them, and we are approaching the 'now or never' point...