What's for dinner/tea?


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I sometimes keep a 1kg 'bucket' of Lidl yoghurt in stock, to provide milk-based breakfast starters, whilst eking out the actual milk supply - sometimes, I realise that I've had one in stock for a while and it might as well be used and replaced anyway - also, the plastic buckets are quite useful for all sorts of subsequent reuses.

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Supplies for the bird catering operation being a particular case in point.

Three days ago, I decided that the current emergency stock seemed to have been here for while, so I've been having some each morning - it will last four or five days usually.

This morning, the bucket was orientated such that I noticed the BBE date - two months ago.

No fatalities have occurred - yet.


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Slow cooked smoked gammon & *creamy/cheesy veg.

Today's creamy cheesy veg is leeks, onions, potatoes, parsnips and cauliflower, covered in cheese sauce, more cheese, and baked in the oven. Hurry up & cook teatime!


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I cooked this evening, first time in absolutely ages. We have partaken in a very garlicky meal of spaghetti bolognese...... So much garlic, there's no flies or any other flying things in the air above Castletown tonight!
As always, I did enough of the pasta to feed the five thousand, but youngest ate it all, cat didn't get a look in. Well happy.