Where to buy mens suits in Stafford


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Son (21) needs to buy a suit and smart shirt when he comes back to Stafford on Tuesday.

Any suggestions for where in town to look for one nowadays please?

Nothing to break the bank ( I've offered to pay...) as it will spend most of its life hanging in the wardrobe. Just needs one for my mum's funeral on Wednesday, and then for his graduation ceremony and occasional posh nights out, interviews etc.


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Thanks, I will have a look around those places in advance tomorrow if I have time.
Hes looked in Worcester, but they haven't got a 'next' any longer so hopefully ours might have something suitable (TKmaxx has different stock there, so worth a look in ours as well)

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Failing the above (good) recommendations, there's Outfit in the the Riverside Centre - It has a Burton's section. Primark also has a few suits as well.


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I haven’t bought a suit in a shop for many many years as I have all mine made to measure now, but Black’s in Mill Street is probably the only place left in Stafford now that is worth a try. Greenwood’s still have a few left, but only the odd sizes.

You could try Marks and Spencer if you have the time and inclination to trail all down there, but they will be pretty basic and not very good quality. Next is pretty poor quality too and a long way out of town.

I don’t know about places like Matalan, Primark or T K Max as I don’t go in those sort of shops, but they are hardly going to have anything suitable for a funeral or a graduation. Nothing looks worse than a cheap suit.

Your best bet for a decent suit is to pop down to London, there is a good selection there, otherwise just up to Manchester.

I would definitely recommend having a suit made to measure, ‘off the peg’ ones never fit properly, but you have obviously left it too late for that now for the funeral

Hope this helps.
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Greenwoods are closing and have a few suits left at reduced prices.

Check M&S online as well because they usually have some good offers which are not on offer in the store.

Tesco do very cheap suits but they aren't very nice.
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Thanks folks :up::)

He's left it late as was expecting to find a great choice in Worcester last Saturday.

I'l have a walk to the retail park today (sending photos of anything I think he might like) . He"s coming back by train tomorrow , so he can look around the town places suggested before walking back home .

He will just have to go smart to the funeral if he can't find one by tomorrow. Got a couple of weeks left til the graduation when it is essential he has one, so he will have to have a trip to Brum when he's off work if all else fails

Acapella menswear at riverside

Blacks menswear on mill street.

Neither will be cheap but the first one is very trendy
Never knew of Acapella @bunique . He wants something trendy as well as decent quality , so sounds like that is worth seeking out.

I'd rather pay for a decent suit that he feels good wearing . Just don't want to spend £££'s for something that he won't wear often.

Think I saw a voucher for Blacks late last night on a website ,( my cider goggles weren't good enough to read the small print at the time :roll:), so will check that out to see if still valid later )

Thanks again for all your suggestions :)


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If he doesn't find anything for the funeral and you have time before graduation I'd also recommend a trip to Cheshire oaks - there's a moss bros outlet there where my husband bought a beautiful French connection suit with waistcoat, tie, the lot. Several other menswear outlets there too.


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Asda also sell suits. Not brilliant, but cheaper than spending a fortune and then having it shoved to the back of the wardrobe till the next time. And then there's no guarantee that it will fit.