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Hornet + bees.


That'll be a long way down the checklist.


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Red Arrows should be returning to RAF Waddington passing over Stone at 6:24pm this evening.
RAF Shawbury to RAF Waddington Transit: - Mon 12 June 2023:
1. 524737N 0024005W RAF SHAWBURY (EGOS) - 6.20pm
2. 524737N 0022844W N OF TIBBERTON - 6.22pm
3. 525340N 0020825W VCY OF STONE - 6.24pm
4. 531012N 0010159W S OF RUFFORD - 6.31pm
5. 531001N 0003126W RAF WADDINGTON (EGXW) - 6.34pm
Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements


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Saw them earlier while driving to Rugeley on the A51 past Wolseley. I wish I’d known what it was for, I’d have taken my camera & parked up.
P. S. It was me driving not Hercules. 😉