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I went 3 months without cider before christmas. As soon as I got the taste again over Christmas I've found it hard to get back to being good cutting it out/ down again. Decided to enjoy it until after my birthday on Saturday , need to support the cider makers ...
Also.... I don't normally enjoy wine , just drink it at the works parties when it's free. But got a really lovely and smooth one in the works xmas hamper. Bought another 6 bottles from 'The Wine Company' after xmas , intending to have one on my birthday and save the just got the one left to save for my birthday...should have bought 12! :lol:


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Found this gem yesterday, bought one in Waitrose yesterday to try, so nice I picked half a dozen up in Eccleshall co-op today.

Absolutely delicious, slight taste of toffee in the first mouthful then just keeps getting better.


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Hope I don't ruin dry Jan for anyone - but I can't recommend this stuff enough!

Unbelievably drinkable and delicious!

Picked up a few bottles in my local ASDA last week and have since purchased a 20L box direct from the company!

Looking at the site, this looks very interesting and tempting when I get paid, I mean it would save me a lot of money, if i drink some more at home and then go out, and less in pubs!! I'm all for supporting pubs but if you spend a while there... it adds up very quickly

Anything you'd reccomend? I do love my cider, but i've not had many in Town, obviously dark fruit (lol) had a nice gladiator in the Shrew other day 8% also the lilly ciders are nice, more like drinking pop.


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Just enjoyed the local ' Worcester Barbourne cider ', after trying a sample in the King Charles pub on a good night out in Worcester with our son.
Well worth trying if down this way and spotting it on the bar pumps!
Wishing I'd have started off on that now , enjoyed it better than the Thatchers.


Enjoying a drop of red.
I've looked at the menu and a proper pie and chips for £10.50 must be good value down there.
Doesn't sound to bad at all. Anyway, if you don't like it nobody's going to force you down there to buy a meal are they.
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Doesn't sound to bad at all. Anyway, if you don't like it nobody's going to force you down there to buy a meal are they.
Indeed, especially as it's three pies for £10.50 out of the heated cabinet on the bar of the Kings Arms without going 125 miles.