Ever met anyone famous unexpectedly and in an unusual location!?!

John Marwood

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Perhaps the Roni Size anecdote should have gone here.

Perhaps not - the location wasn't particularly unusual i s'pose.



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Cool :D Found this on a random searching, thought I'd add mine:

I met Robert Plant at a craft centre in Wales - awesome :D

Also met all the members of Barenaked Ladies but that wasn't really unexpected or unusual - they always come out after gigs to meet fans.

Bobby is coming...

Theresa Green

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Eddie Redmayne in the dirty book shop in Eastgate Street

He was in costume, heavily made up, wore a green jumper with a strange logo, carrying ‘ Manchester United programmes ‘
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don't mention the blinds
Bob Ferris at Euston Station many many years ago, trousers down on all fours prepared to receive a bottle of Lucozade up the rear. Twas in the days when Lucozade had a cellophane wrapper.....

I may have mentioned this previously......


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Chris Mason getting out of a taxi we then used for Euston.
Broadcasting House wasn't an unusual location for him though.


don't mention the blinds
Sophia Loren on some steps in Tipping Street in the 80s , fortunately she was not singing Bing Bang Bong......