Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux.


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不不不 it's like my day at work....there are so many Geordies & north Easteners living here it's unbelievable....they all know where I'm from, my family and the area I grew up in...its sooo there was a mass exodus from the northeast to stafford....not sure why...
Economic migrants.

It's all Norman Tebbitt's fault.


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One thing the elderly ex-Stafford lady I was talking to in the queue today told me (got to be in her very late 80's / 90's ) ....... She used to be a nurse in the old SGI (she had heard a new hospital was being built , but assumed the old building would have been still mostly there retained as part of history of Stafford ......shocked that just a tiny bit of frontage was still standing ,at least it was up until last time I drove past ) Said in those days nurses didn't need all these qualifications , anyone who wanted to could just apply and be taught on the job.

Lovely talking to someone who actually remembers the underground atmospheric corridors of the old SGI , the old Stafford market, and how Stafford used to be like in my childhood days to be able to relive a bit of the past .

One thing that DID amaze me and the other couple we were talking to ....after standing for 2 hours when we neared the front of the queue towards the building doors there was a few chairs outside , which we told her to go and sit on and we would keep her place in the queue. She couldn't get past the queue of people infront, so actually hopped over a low brick wall to get to them. :o Bloody fitter than me! Been about 30 years since I could have done that!


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Got a question.... is the shop in Crabbery Street that did lighting bulbs etc still going?

Used to be always my go to place for help

Was hoping to bring a non- working small strip light with me when I'm back in Stafford for a works function next week , in the hope of popping in for a replacement & advice.


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Yes hes still there & still as good.
Lektrix or something similar. Was in the market for many years.
Thanks @EasMid . I'd forgotten the name. (Stocked son up with his various bulbs a few years ago as well as my own at the time.He ordered some in specially for me and did an excellent deal as I was buying loads)

We're staying in the travel lodge overnight , so will have a walk into town whilst there :up:


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Is anyone else having problems with Malwarebytes blocking everything as threats since yesterday ? Having to use my phone all the time, even blocking this forum as a threat.

Domain is
Outbound connection
File C\ProgramFiles\Google\Chrome\Application \chrome.exe

Any ideas how to stop it , apart from dis-abling Malwarebytes?

Strangely enough , hubby's German server in his works stopped him using Google yesterday , way before our laptop started blocking everything.

Edit.....just got in on Firefox ok , just all stuff on Chrome being blocked.
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So whatever goes wrong in town today - Flood, pestilence, locust infestation, Traffic lights fails, we can blame @staffordjas !! xxx
Thought about your post just @Glam . First visit trying the local beautician for my waxing, went to book in for her again as she's done the best job ever in all my years of waxing ..."I'm going back to live in France ". Even scared her off :rolleyes:


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--- Gets out these babies. They have 80mm objective lenses ... I should be able to see the giant incoming asteroid before it hits ....

..... errrrr ...... (thinks) .....

I think I'll go down the pub instead. :eek::pint::facepalm: