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As mad as that is, I really think people in the outside world are not mad enough for this.

I can...

Covid crisis? They didn't play by the rules but we had to.
Manufactured Ukraine war?
Cost of living crisis? Created as a long term problem that we have to fix.
Can't afford to help us continuously but will spend MORE billions on war?
All this ongoing and then they start restricting our movement to help the planet while China builds fuel burning power plants?

And you think Boris won't get a top job somewhere to carry this crap on?


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I asked someone about this 'manufactured war' recently as it all seems far fetched. Don't get me wrong, I think putin is an evil c-unit, but I don't believe he's as gullible as they make out. He's not stupid, so the idea that he has been spectacularly played for so long seems unlikely.

They got angry and told me he's not stupid, which makes the whole idea even more confusing.

gilbert grape

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Wowsers, you really are 'all in' aren't you...

Double wowsers - 'Taxi for Gilbert Grape!'
You're scarier than I thought if you don;t believe any war is manufactured! A string of actions to force consequences and "POOF" here we are again! Loads dying and a circle of people massively benefitting!


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Given what your ideological bedfellow Raven has posted about Russia/Ukraine, I think we can infer, but for the sake of not making assumptions.... manufactured by whom?
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