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Gilbert I have said before that you are trying to preach to the village idiots who have bought into the agenda & will just shout down any who try to wake them up, nasty foul mouthed as well one or two of them.

You may like to see this video that shows the lie makers in action.

I regularly remind people that we have moved on from 2020 but they like to play by old rules rather than the science they keep saying they believe, which funnily enough is ever changing!

Saying you lean left while constantly supporting the actions of the right, whilst simultaneously calling somebody out as right wing believer cos they called things out in line with one politician, plus thousands of medics and scientists... just mind blowing! I get that eery time I pop onto the other thread, along with "give us some proof" and "but not that proof cos I don;t like it so it must be lies!" and, to me, that sounds like the ruling party rather than left leaning citizens who wan justice and change! Some of the same also pulled me up or calling 15 minute zones a sham, when all they will be doing is buying into right wing control and manipulation! Good to see some of those are drawing huge opposition and falling flat on their arse. I'd like to see Theo try and impose them in our town and see what reaction she gets! Gross ideas!!


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Science is ever changing? The whole point of science is new evidence means new concepts, the problem is perception of what constitutes evidence.


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