What can realistically be done with the old Co-Op?

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It also may be why it's always under offer and never sold , they take one look at it, which is probably vastly different from the printed pictures, and run.


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Who are the selling agents ?
The current to let board is Miller Sandy but it doesn't appear on their website anymore. The board has been up for years and has the 'Let' sign on it for yonks. Not really sure who would take it on as you'd need very deep pockets. Be interesting to know who actually owns the building, if it's still the Co Flop or a far flung pension fund based off shore!


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I am pretty sure it was owned by the Co Op's pension fund years ago.

Plenty of land investments around. When I used to do weekend on-call work twice a year in Leeds I'd walk along the canal and back along the road. Tons of former industrial sites sitting there with a sign with a phone number on it to call for offers.

If you look at Detroit, a very run down city, but you won't find any land for sale. All bought up on cheap waiting for it to become valuable.