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    Now living in Cumbria the attitude to snow is different. No great panic. Most fells have 20 snow days a year. Helvelyn today Temperature minus 7.2°C Maximum wind speed 23.9mph Wind chill minus 18.4°C Average wind speed 20.3mph Wind direction NNE
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    bin men!

    When living in Stafford the council agreed that I could take my bin down to the footpath because if I left it where my property joined the path it would always be missed? Not everyone has property that adjoins the highway?
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    Mr Lefroy Set To Make A Big Announcement On Monday ?

    Since moving to Cumbria I have a new MP. Actually well liked. Very active and a good constituency MP. Also leader of the Liberal democrats. Fell runner.
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    Three things you would miss about Stafford.

    I've moved away from Stafford. What do I miss. The water, nothing like scum on top of your tea. The smell from the Golf club extension. Traffic. Honestly there are some good pubs with genuine people and the banter on the forum. The railway station and Victoria Park. Cannock chase. It's a...
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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks I've been a bit busy and not on the forum as I used to. I have moved to the Lake District which is a little different to Stafford
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    The Bear Grill.

    This is a challenge
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    Moving to Huntington Cannock

    Sellafield I watch the trains pass everyday with nuclear waste?
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    Moving to Huntington Cannock

    I'm now a resident of Cumbria (Lake District) oh I do miss scale in the water ? I have some packets of Oust de-scaler going cheap!
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    The County Hospital

    A lot of people voted for this government! Foreign doctors that's a difficult one for UKIP'ers. Perfect storm.
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    Parent Child Parking

    Watching too much Peter Kaye
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    Home survey

    Thanks I assume that working days?
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    Home survey

    How long should it take a surveyor to produce a report after they have carried out a home buyers survey?
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    Private roads

    Council records not always up to date with road or path status in Stafford. I asked why the path in front of my house was not cleaned whilst the rest of the estate was? Informed it was private, asked why they ( council ) had erected new lighting ? Appears not to be private. ?
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    Coppers on the beat.

    I saw a unmarked car yesterday pull somebody over on the Stone Rd