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Off to the see the Alan Partridge live show in Liverpool tonight! I'll be wearing a mask, will probably be in the minority but I'll continue to do so until I don't feel it necessary.

Plus, you never know who might be sat next to you that might feel reassured by your choice. I have quite a few friends with vulnerabilities who have spoken about how much more of a risk it is for them to do things as simple as go to the shops since masks became non-compulsory, which is partly why I always make an effort to wear one even if I don't particularly feel at much risk myself.
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Booster jab done and dusted in Barnstaple. Drove in through heavy rain, absolutely chucking it down. Sort of glad to see that though as everything seems to have dried out over the last couple of months.
No side effects so far ... well apart from a hankering for kidneys on toast (known as 'shit on a raft' at sea) or perhaps some other human organs lightly cooked. Also walking with a slow stagger as if I'd had a few, and have the urge to keep saying 'UUURRRGGHHH UUURRRGGHHH' ...but ... well this a Cornwall .. they're all like that down here. :P


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Where I am, the advice is to hang on for a bit, if you've had 'it' recently, which I probably did in March, although I wasn't actually certified at the time.

So, I'll give it a bit longer yet...


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ONS survey says I have anti bodies 'at a higher level'. My booster was in December so, happy days . (PS Daughter & better half had it late March and were good enough not to pass it on to me!)


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All triple vaccinated adults will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (for viruses and certain cancers) within 5 months, but 18 to 39-year-olds will have lost it by the middle of April 2022, followed by 40-49-year-olds who will have lost it by the middle of May. These people will then effectively have full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Pfizer originally claimed their mRNA injection had an effectiveness of up to 95%. These figures clearly show that this claim is false, but we don’t think anyone ever imagined the figures would show that the vaccines do not merely lose effectiveness over time down to zero effectiveness, but instead progressively damage the immune system until a negative efficiency is realised.
I have managed to remain within my Bubble, even though i have now lost 100% of my entire immune capability - it is with painful regret that i look out over this dystopia of terrible death and disease, ravaging the nation outside of my protective carapace.

What is to become of us?

Will there be some outpost of human resilience to carry the torch?

I fear this is the end - may i, as Auden did in 1939 -

Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.


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So we all now have AIDS?

Meh, hardly anyone dies of AIDS nowadays. I aint gonna wear no condom sheeple, I aint getting no antiretrovirals they harm more people than they help, I just wanna live my life innit!


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Urrrgh urgh urg-urgh urrrrg uuuurgh urgggh ugug urgh ...

AI translation from zombie. I had my booster today, have now had two Astra Zennaca shots, one Pfizer shot, a mildish covid infection and a Moderna shot. My immune system is destroyed and I have been infected with the zombie virus. Or maybe not.


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I've had my four COVID jabs and I've been sat waiting for the Zombie transformation .... can you imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror today and found I'd become ..... a WHITE WALKER !!! :eek::facepalm: