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What I've noticed is that the older you get, the higher your car needs to be. (Much as I'd love an E Type Jag, it would take me half an hour to get in and out of the bloody thing.)
Also, if a car doesn't have Improbability Drive fitted, well, it's not really a car is it ? :P Only trouble is you never know where you are going to end up ... but ... that's the adventure. (So far, Cleethorpes, Cheltenham and Macclesfield. Adventures aren't what they used to be :embarrass:)

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Certainly the higher the seat needs to be - and that's why a Citroen C4 Picasso is ideal for my wife and I.


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The Oak before the Ash, we're in for a splash
The Ash before the Oak, we're in for a soak.

It looks to me using my high tech botanical leaf powered meteorological equipment (that's a bloody mouthful !! :eek:) on this very fine morning that we're in for a good summer.
Let it so be said:


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Alas there are many versions of that rhyme, about half say that oak before ash means a splash, the other half say that oak before ash means a soak. So see what the summer is like, if it is good they refer back to you post and say how right it was, if it is a wet summer edit you post to one of the opposite rhymes then refer back to your post and say how right it was.


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Yes come the Autumn, I am perfectly prepared to receive any complaints about my forecast. I have a special filing space for said complaints with a highly specific name under old English Law. It's called Gashus Binnus. :P


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I saw the "repairs" they made on the exit from Beaconside onto the roundabout.

This is the worst "repair" job I've ever seen.

I'll give it four weeks before lorries rip it all up again.

What a waste of our money!!!!
It’s a temporary repair according to the update- it’s going to receive further work in the near future