What I Did This Weekend - In Pictures!


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It's called 'screwing your customers for every last penny'.

I bet you got given the bottle tops for the fizzy drinks though. At football matches, the staff unscrew the cap and give you an open bottle.
I didn't Bloody purchase anything from them shysters :( got me some principles! Good tip about the pop bottle lid!


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One of the greenhouses has mains water on tap and so a small sink seemed good idea.

A dog bowl from Katharine House and a quick whizz with a jigsaw...



Ultimately, it might get a tap, but the idea is to have a solar-heated tank in the future - and it might also get a 'proper' drain, but it is easy enough to lift it out to dispose of the contents for now.

The disc that came out will be trimmed to drop back in flush - eventually...

Elsewhere, we have discussed Boots gardening tools - doing this job involved moving these shears, which I bought there in 1981.

Real quality items. "Boots branded" at the time, but I've never been sure who really made them. They've had a lot of use over four decades.



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The Lidl pole trimmer was supplied with an annoyingly short lead - unusual for them - but the opportunity to replace it with a much longer one seemed worth taking. There'll be rather fewer stoppages to move the extension reel now.


Replacing the cover, after the reconnection, was a hugely complicated operation, requiring multiple things to be 'in the right place' at the same time. I doubt that I would pass the aptitude test for a job in the factory...


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Another 'machine plate' - the grinder is bolted to the plywood plate, so it can be placed anywhere along the benches, in the Shed or the greenhouse - and removed when not needed.


A few machines are mounted in this form now and there will be others. It means they can be sited where convenient, and removed when the space is more useful. And, for 'occasional' use, they are much more stable when not even clamped down, than when standing on their own feet.

Eventually, there should be some benches in the same format in the conservatory and the (f)utility room.

The bolting down is done via M6 threaded rods into t-nuts sunk flush into the bottom of the plywood.