Your top 5 things about Stafford


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1) Good train station (miles better than stoke)
2) Bagnalls (Probably not there now, subbteo stuff in there loved it)
3) Holmcroft Pub
4) Home Bargain
5) Russian Robert


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Three out of five's not bad.

Bagnall's has been gone for some years and Robert went about the same time..

This and this might interest you...

Oh, and hello.


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Nice shout odd, what about
1) Forum
2) Current Bun
3) Castle
4) 2 Junctions on the M6
5) Number of famous people incarderated in Stafford Gaol. Ricki Tomlinson, Poddy the Poacher, ect, I am sure you all know more!


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have you noticed that every time one town centre loony vanishes another appears, I'm guessing it's part of some kind of governmental quota on the amount of loonies you can have in a town.


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junctions is a good one,

6) Pubs such as Coach and Horses, The Shrew, Joiners, Still running
7) The Rangers (well in the 70s)
8) Clean Town Centre
9) Argos
10) Good Old Traditional Estates like Highfields/Rising Brook


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Forgive me my anoraks rant, I have returned to the Kingdom of Cornwall for to work at the 'Big Roof' tomorrow and have given Skinners Betty Stoggs a good seeing too. I shall to bed.


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But before I do, 5 good Stafford things:
1. Peter Haycock
2. Stafford Railway Building Society- Great rates
3. The Castle
4. Proximity of Cannock Chase
5. Stafford Forum

The Stafford Beast

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1) It's better than any town in the West Midlands even though that is on our doorstep if we need to go there

2) Most people in Stafford are no more than 10 minutes away from any type of shop/attraction/institution you would ever want (...ok maybe pushing it, but I am pretty quick on a bicycle)

3) The Pie and Ale House (edited from) -Central in the country-

4) M6 links

5) Randomness of the people who dwell within


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welcome OldDoxey
my five things are

1. Ease of getting to so many beautiful places
2. The castle
3. Stafford forum
4. most of my lovely family live here
5. Jade clothing :)