Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan.

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If you are living in the C.16th.

Take it back a couple more hundred and 'we' could invade Bordeaux to reclaim our United States of Whatever.

Bullsh!tters gonna bullsh!t.

Fair comment?
Are we saying the United States destroyed the pipeline? I think that this is so. Probably by using a Leonardo de Vinci helicopter after testing the waters with a Galileo thermometer

Fair to Middling ?


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‘The West is ready to step over everything in order to preserve the neo-colonial system’
Phew. Because there was I thinking it was Putin, prepared to step over everything in order to preserve the Soviet empire (but mainly himself in power and riches) up to and including starting a nuclear war.

Glad to know it's all our fault, comrade.


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'si vis pacem para bellum'
('If you want peace ... prepare for war.')

Vegetius. Military writer of the late Roman Empire.

Doesn't seem like the idea has gone out of fashion in getting on for 2000 years ... (and probably a long time before that.) :|


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I have many reservations about 'our side', but I have a default of siding against invaders. I was against it when we did it, and I'm against it when they do it.
In his rant Putin criticised the allied bombing campaign against Germany in the latter part of WW2 when Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden and many other cities were bombed on a scale that far surpassed the German blitz of earlier years of the conflict. I'm still not sure if that campaign was justified, but ... I remember asking my Old Man (WW2 infantry veteran) about it, and he replied: 'They started it.'

Not easy to argue with, and when I tried, he told me: 'Tell that to the people of Coventry.'

I was surprised Putin said this, given what the Germans did in Russia during WW2, but I suspect he sees the West as a kind Nazi Germany, which for all its faults, I don't agree with. (Although I can't deny it pushed the limits now and again, but see Vegetius and his writings above.)

So yes, it was a rant against the West, who do shoulder some responsibility for not embracing Russia after the Cold War ended and allowing the gangsters to take over, but not to the extent of driving blitzkriegs into neighbouring countries. Now that is fascism.


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'They started it.'
Pretty much where I stand. If we let him take part of another country then walk away with it something is severely wrong. He can't expect to draw a line here and get peace, I mean he won't he'll have guerrilla war forever, but we can't let him say I'm having this. Because he did that before, we let him, so he's doing it again.


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Sooner or later this is likely to go nuclear !!

What happens after that is anybody's guess .... :eek:


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Looks like it annoyed Putin though...

I'm assuming the reason Ukraine don't ever strike over the border themselves is that their aid is reliant on being for defensive purposes only?

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Zylo, could you upload a photo to accompany your moniker ? The default ‘Z’ is a bit disconcerting on THIS thread.

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Martial Law

All borders sealed

Nuclear planes over Norway

Belarus turned over to Russia

White House bunkers restocked

Hungry Horse runs out of pies

Chapels of ease open in villages

Truss no longer newsworthy